Sunday, October 2, 2011

"Now pay attention, because this is how its supposed to be done."

In a time where everything old is new again, there are some free thinkers that look outside of the box!
 Enter Mike McElwee and his twin cam chopper. This machine is everything a chopper should be, Iight weight rigid frame, stripped down and using the most minimal components. Oh yeah, and lets not forget about that fire breathing 88 cubic inch twin cam monster, wonderfully engineered to fit inside that early Santee frame.  Which I might add has no problem pushing this chopper jockey into the triple digits with the simple twist of the throttle!
  Whats even more impressive than that is all of the hand made controls, battery box,seat pan and tons of other miscellaneous brackets and mounts. But wait ! It gets better! Mike builds killer bikes right out of his very small one car garage which he converted into his work shop, and is rasing two handsom young boys, with the help of his beauitfull wife Sue.  If you ever see this bike in person, please take the time out to see all the amazing details.   I know that this bike will be completely passed over at our next local bike night if some one parks next to him with a old chopper with all the period correct parts.... But Mikes bike is CORRECT ! PERIOD.

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  1. Way cool bike that can also get out of it's own way!!!