Monday, May 7, 2012


I always thought nothing would get in my way when it came to my love of choppers. Well I was wrong. Life got in the way. Not that's a bad thing, you always have to put your family first, general upkeep around the house and provide the best possible life for them. I have been lagging on my chopper projects and my endless pursuit of world domination as CEO of EASTCOASTMACHINE, but for a short period I have set down the cutting torch and hacksaw in trade for a tool belt and Spackle knives. Renovations at my house and shore house{OK trailer... or double wide} are in full swing. Both projects are at the halfway point. So I should be back chopping in no time.  I'm not going to bore you with renovation pictures, nothing amazing. But since I decided to blow the dust off this blog, I will tell you this. I am bringing some muscle into EASTCOASTMACHINE .My good friend and chopper brother from another mother, Mike McElwee. He dices, He slices, He is a chopping machine! Pans, Shovels, Twincams, Triumphs? He has you covered. I don't know what he's on ,but I think I'm going to have him drug tested before I let him in. Rumor has it he lived in Columbia for a while fabricating cocaine submarines! I don't know. Maybe when I post the interview with him, we will see if there is any truth to it.  Hang tight. Nothing but good things to come!

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