Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This is my good friend Q, This man is a kick starting monster ! He is like 9'- 14'' tall and just flat out amazing.
Rumor has it his right leg is bionic, some shit designed by the goverment, dont know how he got it, and I'm afraid to ask. Q is completly bad ass, He dosen't even wear a watch .... He tells you what time it is !
If it wasnt for him, and his leg, I would still be stranded in Manhatten.  Thank you for everything. You Rule!
(photo by Garcia)         

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


My friend Kyle of DEATH SCIENCE is running this M/C show at the Mobtown Greaseball.  Looks to be a good time!  Sept 27th


This week Me and my Wife Michelle celebrated our thirteenth wedding anniversary ! We have been together for around the better part of twenty years. Yes, we have our ups and downs, but we have had way more good times than bad. She is a wonderfull mother to my two boys, Steven and Jesse, and is my best friend. Even though she dosent like to go to the swapmeets anymore or care too much for my latest chopper score, She is still number one in my heart.  Always.


Went up to the Invitational with about three friends, I left the invitational with about a dozen new friends.
It was a total blast!   Hanging out with the FOTS, DEATH SIENCE and THE HATED OF THE WORLD guys was to say the least , INSANE ! So many good laughs and great times. I cant wait to see them all again.  I am not going to post any bike pics of the show, the internet is flooded with them.  But no one has this gem here ! European super model  J  took some time out for me to shoot this spread in front of my good friend Q,s shovelhead chopper.  Definitely a must do for next year!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


                       December 1994,  I came across this gem at a book store over in New Jersey.
                       Little did I know, that it would change my life forever. Inside were pictures and stories
                       of awesome, mostly home built choppers. I was hooked ! It's funny, at the time,
                       I could not afford the whopping $27.00 for a years subscription. So, I would
                       anxiously await for the next issue, and make my monthly pilgrimage to that
                       little magazine shop in Jersey.

Saturday, September 10, 2011



Thanks to my friend Jordan Meredith for photographing my Triumph and getting it into Street Chopper magazine. Unfortunately due to a miss print, He didnt get credit for the photos. Jordan is a great guy and awesome photographer. Check him out.. http://www.jordanmphotography.com/


Friday nights

Me and my friend Mike headed out last friday for the Liberty Cycle open house. Met up with some other good friends and had a blast as usual.

And there off !

My wife and youngest son Jesse are off to the Magic Kingdom. I hate the place personally, My dream one day is to thaw out old Walt Disney, and kick the shit out of him for creating such an awefull place !