Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Impress your friends! Make your mother proud! The perfect addition to your antisocial machine! Not seen on T.V.!  Get them here.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The devil will find work for idle hands to do

"This whole thing is shit! You must look outside of it, for inspiration. If not, It will destroy you from within"...  REVS

 I was told this in the mid 1990's when we first met, talking about graffiti. It seems like anything I do will eventually take over my life. I live, sleep & shit it, in till I hate it, then keep doing it just out of spite. At this stage of my life, I couldn't be further removed from reality to even exist in any social surrounding. I stay busy. Working alone, torturing myself to near depression. What keeps me going or "sane" is everything outside of what it is I'm working on, finding solitude in everything unrelated to each other.
 When everything and everyone is carbon copy's of each other, It is hard to be inspired or even care. I was recently down south and asked (a pretty well know chopper builder) what inspires you to build choppers? He answers laughing,..  "Not Choppers"....   How true!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Still Out There

Rode up to Brian's HD in Langhorn today for a new pair of chaps. As I was coming out, This dude came riding in. He looked as cool as his bike, about 60 something and looking for a fight! We got rappin about our choppers, and he showed me a bunch of stuff he did to his bike. He said, "I ride as Much as I can, as Fast as I can"! This bike is hands down the coolest I've seen in awhile. Mostly because this guy is out beating it to death... Respect!


Stolen Pic from http://sparetime.jp/, But I couldn't resist.  Japan has some of the meanest looking choppers.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

NO leaks!

I know a hand full of people right now building Panheads. The topic that comes more often then not is, Exhaust Leaks. For people with money the answers is simple, "buy STD heads". For the rest of us, its even simpler!

Start with a stock 1-3/4" exhaust pipe and insert all the way into the port making a "gunner pipe"
next, Cut off the exhaust spigot of your pan pipe
next, place spigot onto stock pipe "gunner pipe"
this is where things get tricky... Panhead ports are not perfectly round, but they do have a sweet spot. Slide your gunner pipe into the port then slide your spigot over the port. turn both till you find both pieces starlight and squire to each other. Make a couple marks on the head and pipes. Where the pipes naturally fit, is where it will stay. Start welding in place.  Make sure you weld goes as far around as possible. After cool down, it will still be tight! Keep your gunner pipe a little long to grab it and wiggle it off and on. After you finish welding and cleaning up the piece,  make sure to re-in line your marks when putting the piece back on (it will most likely not fit any other way).
Trim it up and re-weld your exhaust. At this point you probably don't need exhaust clamps, However put them back on and if anyone asks, tell them your still saving up for STD heads and mumble something about your no good pan... They will understand!

Now, go Faster!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Eye of the hurricane

So, Me and Mike though it would be a good idea to go out for a ride last night, 80% chance of rain.
Mike, "You down?"  Me, " Lets do this." We head out around 7. Little overcast but no rain. We got downtown about 7:45.  The sky's opened up. We hung out at Liberty cycle until things died down a bit.
Almost at the same time both our wives call us. There is a hurricane coming and its heading our way!
With the bikes as our only means of transportation ,we roll out. Me, " lets take back way home". Mike,  "Your too old lets take 95''.   I'm not that old  95 it is.  Soon as we hit it, the sky's let loose. I have about 10 miles ahead of me, Mike about 20.  No front fenders, visibility 0 , Faces getting power washed by the pouring rain at 60 mph. I think our teeth got the cleanest, Why? because we were smiling the whole way.  We did get a ton of wind and rain, but no hurricane. Crazy? yes. Would I head out with a 80% chance of rain again? You bet!