Saturday, June 2, 2012

Eye of the hurricane

So, Me and Mike though it would be a good idea to go out for a ride last night, 80% chance of rain.
Mike, "You down?"  Me, " Lets do this." We head out around 7. Little overcast but no rain. We got downtown about 7:45.  The sky's opened up. We hung out at Liberty cycle until things died down a bit.
Almost at the same time both our wives call us. There is a hurricane coming and its heading our way!
With the bikes as our only means of transportation ,we roll out. Me, " lets take back way home". Mike,  "Your too old lets take 95''.   I'm not that old  95 it is.  Soon as we hit it, the sky's let loose. I have about 10 miles ahead of me, Mike about 20.  No front fenders, visibility 0 , Faces getting power washed by the pouring rain at 60 mph. I think our teeth got the cleanest, Why? because we were smiling the whole way.  We did get a ton of wind and rain, but no hurricane. Crazy? yes. Would I head out with a 80% chance of rain again? You bet!

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